Practice Areas Overview

Our firm’s diverse practice areas ensure that our clients can receive competent and comprehensive legal representation, regardless of their unique circumstances. For each client, we put our firm’s over 40 years of advocacy experience and legal knowledge to work in delivering prompt and exceptional results. Specifically, we help clients resolve legal issues and concerns in the following practice areas:

Estate Planning

We at Spink, Shrouder & Karns, P.A. know you have worked hard for your assets. As such, we want to help you pass these assets on to the people and entities you would like after your death. We will help you create an estate plan that captures your desires and ensures your final wishes are carried out. Our attorneys do this by utilizing documents like wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and/or health care directives (to name a few) to accomplish your objectives. A solidly-built estate plan is a blessing to surviving family members and can help reduce the stress and anxiety that can accompany a death as family members carry out your final wishes.

Estate planning begins with identifying all of your assets and how these assets are held (i.e., does someone own the asset in question with you). We will also identify your heirs and beneficiaries. We will then discuss what assets you would like to be distributed to which heir or beneficiary. Part of your estate plan will also address who you would like to handle your financial affairs if you become incapacitated or unable to make these decisions for yourself. We will also create a health care directive that directs your family in making important health care decisions on your behalf.

Probate Law

After the passing of a loved one, surviving family members are often tasked with the responsibility for administering the deceased’s estate. This requires the family to locate and admit the will (if any) into court, appoint an administrator, settle the lawful obligations of the deceased and distribute any remaining assets according to the will. If there is no will, Florida law will dictate to whom assets are distributed. This process is confusing enough to most people; the process becomes even more confusing when the decedent’s heirs and family members do not agree on what the will or law requires.

Experienced probate law counsel can help guide and direct estate executors on how to accomplish their obligations in administering an estate. There are some exceptions to the formal probate process in Florida for estates that have little or no assets or in cases in which the decedent died several years ago. Probate counsel will advise administrators on the best method for administering the decedent’s estate and can help prepare and submit the necessary documents.

Where there is a dispute between the heirs and/or beneficiaries, probate law attorneys can help represent the various interests involved in reaching a resolution.

Civil Litigation

When the court is called upon to determine a case, parties to the lawsuit are best served by employing experienced civil litigation attorneys. These attorneys know the rules and procedures governing the conduct of trials, the admission of evidence at trial, and how to best present their client’s arguments and claims. Successful civil litigation attorneys know that a good case begins with good preparation work early in the case. By identifying pertinent witnesses and evidence and crafting a trial strategy early on in the case, your chances of success increase.

Preparation is of little value if your civil litigation attorney does not possess the skills to persuasively present your case. The talents and abilities necessary to present a case to a judge or jury only come through experience. Our firm has successfully represented clients for over 40 years in a wide variety of civil lawsuits.

Real Estate Law

Real estate transactions like sales and purchases, foreclosures, and loan modifications have an undeserved reputation for being long, complicated, and stressful ordeals. But real estate transactions do not have to be difficult or take an inordinate amount of time to finalize. With the assistance of a knowledgeable Florida real estate attorney, sales and transfers of real estate can occur with minimal inconvenience. Whether you are needing a title search performed for a closing, are seeking assistance with a foreclosure, or have any other questions or concerns regarding a commercial or residential property, our team of real estate attorneys can help.

Condominium Law

Condominium associations and their boards can be presented with difficult situations. Owners may not be interested in paying their dues or abiding by the association’s rules and guidelines. Or the association may be faced with a difficult decision and need advice on how best to proceed. Experienced condominium law counsel is necessary in these situations to ensure that the interests of the association are protected. This can mean helping board and association members understand their rights and powers, or helping a board evaluate whether undertaking a particular course of action is prudent or legal. It can also mean working with condo owners who refuse to follow the rules and regulations of the association. Or it can mean pursuing condo owners who refuse to pay the dues they are obligated to pay. In any case, we can help resolve your situation or dispute.

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